Windows Mobile 2003 Software

Windows Mobile 2003 se Software

Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC

Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC is first launched by Microsoft on June 23, 2003. Microsoft adds some new applications into ROM, including like Terminal Service Client and MSN Messenger. The power users, enterprise users, and developers will notice some significant improvements compare to previous version. For all types of Pocket PC users, they will found that the Windows Mobile 2003 Software is significantly faster than its predecessors for many tasks.

windows mobile 2003 software
The applications developed for the Windows Mobile 2002 Software platform mostly can be run on the Windows Mobile 2003 Software; with some exception such as applications developed using embedded Visual Basic. The compatibility of hardware peripheral depends most of the product complexity. More sophisticated products like wireless LAN cards will most likely need updated drivers to run properly in Windows Mobile 2003 Software.

For Pocket PC users, there are some changes and additions of Windows Mobile 2003 software that can be noticed. For example, there are some improvements you can explore with Pocket Outlook:
1. Introduction of support for the vCalendar, that allow easy inclusion of single events sent from Microsoft Outlook
2. Introduction of support for vCards to help manage new contacts
3. Contact search result is now highlighted in blue; make it easier to see the current result match.
4. Auto-suggest feature automatically add email address information from the Contacts database as you fill the email address field
5. Spelling dictionary with Auto correct features for writing email
6. Automatically append Auto-signatures to outgoing email

Pocket Internet Explorer (pIE) and Windows Media Player are also the applications that have dramatically changed under Windows Mobile 2003 Software. The Pocket Internet Explorer runs faster than the previous version. Windows Mobile 2003 Software includes Windows Media Player 9 with major upgrade than the previous one. Windows Mobile 2003 Software also includes new application called Pictures. This is a simple image viewer application that can utilized a picture as a screen saver when the Pocket PC is connected to A/C power, and also can be used to view simple slideshow of your pictures.

The other new application in Windows Mobile 2003 software is the game Jawbreaker (a.k.a. Bubblets), the easy-to-learn and addictive game.

Besides of those improvements, Microsoft also make enhancement of Communications features, Phone Edition features and Hardware keyboard support in their Windows Mobile 2003 Software. For you who use Windows Mobile 2002 can come to your hardware manufacturer to check the availability to upgrade your Pocket PC 2002 operating system to Windows Mobile 2003 Software.

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