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Compare to Symbian OS, we find plenty of internet users complaint with various reason about Window Mobile Software. Some says Window Mobile Software cause a lack of stability. They experienced hang when using their smartphone with Window Mobile Software for its operating system. Any other users randomly experienced auto reboots. Another users report it’s time consuming and annoying to sending groups messages and managing contact list. Some others charge Window Mobile Software smartphone is not being user-friendly. Switching applications is not quite simple. They even concern about browser experience, speed and battery life.
window mobile software
It seems that many users more prefer a smartphone with Symbian OS than Window Mobile Software platform.

As one of the industry leader, Microsoft gave a serious concern to their products. Regarding several issues are being said by the "Symbian lovers", Microsoft came out with the release of Window Mobile Software version 6.5. This version comes to enhance and resolve number of problem by offering several utilities and features. When first announced in February 2009 at the GSMA Mobile World in Barcelona Spain, this new version of Window Mobile software was given a grand welcome. The numbers of smartphone manufacturer such as LG, Orange and HTC have declared to use the version 6.5 of Window Mobile Software for their upcoming products. The new smartphones like HTC Touch Pro2, HTC Touch Diamond2 and LG GM7300 will be powered by Window Mobile Software operating system version 6.5.

What's the enhancement Microsoft added in this new version? Firstly, they enhance the user interface and develop new features of networking such as Windows Marketplace and My Phone. Microsoft also enrich the browsing and PIM management features, make it quicker and easier for you to access Emails and appointments, as well as better way to manage call and text messages.. Microsoft also upgrades the touchscreen feature to bring more convenience when you operate the touchscreen of your smartphone. And to give you better experience when surving internet, Microsoft also improves the Mobile Internet Explorer browser.

Window Mobile Software operating system version 6.5 comes with My Phones service to enable the web-based personal information storage. These services are including management of your video clips, photographs, messages, calendar schedules, contacts, and many more. It's possible to automatically synchronize this online storage to your smartphone too. Your personal data in this online storage is secure since its protected by password. When you lose your smartphone or the time comes for you replace it with the new one, restoring your personal information to your new smartphone is very easy.

The other attractive new feature offered by Windows Mobile Software operating system is Windows Marketplace. With this service, Microsoft wants to make your smartphone resonate with your needs. You just need to click few buttons to search, buy, and install applications. Windows Marketplace offers over 20.000 applications and software to utilize your smartphone.

One of the interesting capturing features that enriched the Window Mobile Software operating system since version 6.0 is Microsoft Recite. The application offers the capabilities to record and manage the speech recorded and organize them based on similarity.

Thus, Window Mobile Software 6.5 OS has a lot of enhancement compare to its predecessor versions. With this new version, Microsoft try to reduce the barriers between information, applications and people by providing a rich smartphone experience either at your home or work. Symbian OS will have a new tough competitor in the days ahead.

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