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Nokia E75 Wifi PDA Phone

When you first look at Nokia E75, it looks no different than other average cell phone. You can see a medium-sized screen with regular numeric keypad. But after closer inspection, you will realize that in fact the E75 is a high-featured WiFi PDA Phone in a compact case.

wifi pda phone
The unlocked version of this Wifi PDA Phone can be purchased without service contract. This also means that you need to supply your own SIM Card. In the U.S area, this Wifi PDA Phone will work well on either the AT&T or T-Mobile network.

Nokia E75 is designed as a slider-style phone that available in two different colors, red or black. With a numeric keyboard and 2.4-inch screen, this Wifi PDA Phone looks like a regular candy-bar cell phone. But after you slide out the full QWERTY keyboard from beneath the phone, you can see so many features as the advantage of the device.

This Nokia Wifi PDA Phone runs under S60 platform with Symbian mobile operating system. Built-in application is including QuickOffice mobile office suite to view and edit standard Microsoft Office documents including Powerpoint, Excel and Microsoft Word. You also will have several basic application such as PDF Reader, Notes Manager, Calculator, Compression Tools and File Manager.

Equipped with both Wi-Fi wireless networks and the 3G HSDPA network, the device will give you a high speed internet access. Nokia's Web browser that supports Flash Lite is available for light use. For another option, you also can obtain and use Opera Mobile for free by downloading it from internet.

For messaging feature, E75 use the latest version of Nokia Messaging which is a par with most of today's smartphone e-mail systems. Setting up email client is easy, even requires nothing more than your e-mail address and password for most e-mail accounts. The Wifi PDA phone comes with a 3.2-megapixel digital camera with some features including self-timer, autofocus, flash, and 8x digital zoom. The camera also can be used to capture video clips, with quality as good as, even better than still photo quality.

The other features available are built-in GPS, but Nokia maps applications is not included. You can access this application with additional cost $14 per month.

For entertainment features, this Wifi PDA phone also works pretty well as a music player. The device supports a variety of audio file formats, such as AAC, WMA and MP3. The phone also can be used to listen to radio station through its built-in FM tuner or Internet radio stations.

The Wifi PDA phone Nokia E75 has complete advanced features, including full QWERTY, WiFi & HSDPA connectivity, GPS and FM Tuner. The device is excellent choice for you who always want to catch up with the latest smartphone technology.

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