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Motorola ROKR E6

Unlocked PDA Phones: Motorola ROKR E6

Unlocked PDA Phones Motorola ROKR E6 is build for young professionals, available as a smart phone with plenty of multimedia features. As a Linux based devices, the unlocked PDA Phone has advantage compare to Windows Mobile or Symbian devices. The advantage is community-based development for the open source approach platform.

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The unlocked PDA Phones comes in an oversized candy-bar form factor covered with black chassis lineup with laser-etched controls. The design is completely flat and powered by touchscreen display. The panel sits under a transparent plastic layer and gives you sense like tapping on air layer. Actually, you never truly “touch” the surface of screen.

Although neither a thinnest nor the lightest unlocked PDA Phones, The Motorola ROKR E6 is build with excellent quality with 14.5 mm thin and 123 grams weight. Its features are including a mini-USB port, a Hold button that will prevent accidental presses, card slot for up to 2GB SD card and 3.5mm audio jack. Having installed RealPlayer, the unlocked PDA Phones supports most popular multimedia format including WMA, WAV, RA, MP3, MIDI, DRM, AAC and AAC+. The music playback controls sit on the left side of the devices. You can also use the bluetooth wireless headset since the unlocked PDA Phones supports bluetooth connectivity.

The unlocked PDA Phones comes with 2-megapixel camera sits on the back side, with shutter button lies on the left edge. There is a handy slider beside the camera lens for macro shooting modes and to switch landscape. The pictures qualities are decent. It will be perfect if the unlocked PDA Phones also comes with built-in flash light and autofocus. Although the internal devices memory is only 8MB, you can add up to 2 GB memory with external SD Card.

When you connect the unlocked PDA Phones to your laptop or desktop PC, you can turn the devices into Webcam (additional driver needed). You can also utilize the camera as a business card reader. Switch to macro modes in good light for best result when capturing business cards. Instead of English, the device can read Chinese characters.

As a Linux based phone, the Motorola ROKR E6 provides a Pascel Viewer application that can be used for opening and reading PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word documents.

The unlocked PDA Phones have the triband GSM 900/1800/1900MHz. They have a decent call quality with sufficiently loud volume. The onboard speaker is quite loud too. The 1000mAh rechargeable battery can stand up to 7 hours talk time and 9 days standby time.

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