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Verizon XV6900

Unlocked PDA Phone HTC Touch or Verizon XV6900

Unlocked PDA Phone HTC Touch or Verizon XV6900 looked beautiful at first glance. The unlocked PDA phone has a glossy white paint job with sleek design, which is the progress in HTC models featured by Verizon. The changes set it apart from other editions of the same type of PDA phone carried by other wireless providers. The TouchFlo interface is another feature that changed by Verizon. They add full color to the icons and red accents that make a TouchFlo interface looked more appealing than the monochrome interface theme from other provider’s versions.

unlocked pda phone
Verizon even work on the unresponsive touchscreen that well known as a flawless of this particular type of touch phone. As the result, the responsiveness of Verizon XV6900 has proven pretty reliable. The touch menus and convenient icons of Verizon XV6900 also make the Verizon XV6900 interface become more user friendly than the standard underlying Window Mobile interface. All the improvement desined by Verizon can make the overall design of the Verizon XV6900 is good.

In term of functionality, the unlocked PDA phone HTC 6900 also has a good performance. It has good call quality with clear and static free sound. The quality is not affected, even if you make a call in areas where there is only one or two bars of reception. The unlocked PDA phone comes with Bluetooth and speakerphone that enable you to have a handsfree calling. One of the special features we love at this unlocked PDA is the contact screen that enables you to arrange pictures of your nine favorite contacts in grid form for easy access.

HTC 6900 provides microSD slot supporting up to 8GB additional memory for the device. You can use this unlocked PDA phone to browse the web with built-in Internet Explorer. The device also comes with Office Mobile application that enables the handheld to view and edit standard Office documents. But if you’re going to have an extensive typing, you may experience the keyboard not too convenience, especially for you who have large thumbs.

Overall, the unlocked PDA phone HTC 6900 is a pretty decent phone. It has a solid performance, though some features are a bit lacking. If you do not need your phone to be a media player and you can compromise on some features, such as instant messaging, then the HTC Touch 6900 will probably work pretty well for you.

The good:
Windows Mobile 6.1 includes GPS Navigation
• Good reception
• Volume is loud and has good sound quality.
• Touch interface responds accurately
• Picture Mail Finally works on WM6.1

The bad
• Touch Flow only shows contacts and other shortcuts with finger scrolling
• A bit difficult to use keyboard for extensive typing
• No flash on Camera
• Camera Auto mode makes colors not accurate.
• Java based games and videos don’t work perfectly in browser.

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