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The PalmOne Tungsten PDA E2

The PalmOne Tungsten PDA E2 comes with compact and sleek design, with dimensions 4.5 x 3.1 x 0.6 inches and 4.7 ounce weight with attractive dark-silver finish. The advantages of this Tungsten PDA include the affordable $249 and an impressive battery life.

tungsten pda
Tungsten E2 uses a wide 3.7-inch TFT color screen with 320x320 resolutions and 65,536 colors. It keeps the Tungsten PDA brightly shines, sharp and vivid, and still readable under direct sunlight. In the front side you’ll find a five-way navigation toggle and four standard customizable shortcut keys. On a top side, there are infrared port, 3.5mm standard headphone jack, a power button, SDIO/MMC expansion slot and a stylus holder on the right.

To synchronize your Tungsten PDA to your PC, you can operate HotSync button using muticonnector USB cable. Better than its predecessor Tungsten E, this Tungsten PDA comes with 200MHz Intel XScale processor powered by 32MB flash memory, including user-accessible 26MB. If you need more memory space to put your files, video or music, you can put it in external memory card. Using Palm OS version 5.4, Tungsten E2 enriched with DataViz's Documents To Go version 7.0. With a latest version, you can use your Tungsten PDA to edit and view standard Microsoft document including Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel and Word. You can quickly access your favorite application and web links via the Favorites view. The other applications are available including Solitaire Game, PalmReader to read ebook, Kinoma Video Player, RealPlayer MP3 player, Memos, Web Blazer 4.0, SplashMoney, and Acrobat Reader.

The performance of this Tungsten PDA is outstanding. The delay when we switch between applications is not annoying. Sound of MP3 is quite loud and clear even in the middle of noisy environments. The video is looked smooth too.

The PalmOne Tungsten PDA E2 also equipped by built-in bluetooth, with the utility to set up compatible devices and to turn on the radio. You can easily exchange contact information to another bluetooth enable device around you.

The good:
• Faster processor
Palm OS 5.4
• Compact and sleek design
• Sharp color screen
• Documents To Go 7.0.
• Integrated Bluetooth
• Outstanding battery life

The bad:
• Lacks of Wi-Fi
• Battery is not user-replaceable
• Slow when numerous apps are open
• No voice recorder

The bottom line
With its entertainment in a package, affordable combination of productivity and the sleek design, Palm Tungsten PDA E2 will satisfy mobile professionals and consumers alike

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