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Smartphone Wifi: Palm TX

Palm TX is a smartphone WiFi created for today's fast-paced mobile landscape and comes with the sleekly lightweight design. Comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the smartphone Wifi handheld keep you connected to your most important data, while you're away from your desktop. The handheld display is a high-resolution 320 x 480-pixel screen with portrait and landscape orientation modes. The smartphone WiFi is powered by a fast Intel 312 MHz ARM processor and 128 MB of non-volatile flash memory protecting your documents and information, even if the device is not charged and the power runs down. Approximately 100 MB of flash memory is available for files and software. The handheld also comes with expansion slot for MultiMedia (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), and Secure Digital I/O (SDIO) cards. The Palm TX has the ability to edit Word- and Excel-compatible files, Palm's suite of information management applications, and can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook.

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The built-in Wi-Fi wireless connectivity (802.11b) makes you stay connected easily even when you're on the go. Wi-Fi also enables you to access email and browse the Web at hotspots such as at the airports, coffee shops, or even in your office area if you have a wireless LAN network. The WiFile LT software even enables you to amazingly retrieve documents from your main computer.

Compare to previous version, the Palm TX comes with the following enhancements:

* The device has the ability to search for available networks
* Smarter connection logic to automatically connect to available compatible networks
* Set up a new network connection more easily
* A 30-day free subscription to all T-Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots

You can synchronize the Palm TX with a Bluetooth-enabled device from across the room, within a range of 10 meters, thanks to built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity ver 1.1. You can send and receive e-mail and connect to the Web, send SMS and MMS messages, or even automatically dial any number in your handheld's Contact's application using a compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone. Of course you still can synchronize data with the "old-fashioned" way via the USB connection that placed at the base of the handheld.

For professional users, the Palm TX is the perfect device to provide all the conveniences of managing email on the road. A lot of thing can be done with Wi-Fi access or Bluetooth technology, such as checking corporate email as well as personal accounts; downloading, reading or editing a Word or Excel report on the fly; synchronizing Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and memos; or even working with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to synchronize email and calendar

The Palm OS features the following organizer applications:

• Contacts: Lets you store several addresses for each contact. The smartphone Wi-Fi brings you new fields for more phone numbers, multiple e-mail addresses, instant messenger IDs, and Web sites.
• Calendar: The new Agenda view makes you able to see upcoming calendar events, tasks due, and important e-mail. Your events are color-coded so it will be easier for you to reference your calendar in the Agenda, Day, Week, and Month views.
• Larger Memos and Notes fields to take more notes, or synchronize more details from your desktop.
• Tasks: Comes with alarms and repeating tasks to set reminders for important comments.

The Palm TX is compatible with PCs running Windows 2000 (SP4) and Windows XP, or with Macs running Mac OS 10.2.8 to 10.4. Outlook synchronization will require Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, or 2003.

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