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Smart Phone Software: Vault360 Smart Phone Edition

Vault360 is smart phone software to easily transfer, organize and convert your photo, movie, and music files directly to your smart phone. With a newest edition of the Vault360 family's conversion tools, your smart phone will become your photo scrapbook, concert hall, even your theater. Vault360 Smart phone edition will enable you to watch your favorite movie or TV show when you are in waiting room. You can also share your favorite photo or enjoy your favorite music collection in between phone calls. This smart phone software is very easy to operate, with simply three clicks you have to make.

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This smart phone software is compatible with the most popular models of smart phones on today's market, including the Palm Treo 750, Samsung Blackjack, Motorola Q and Blackberry Pearl.

Product Features
• Conversion tool software for transferring media files to smart phone device
• Compatible with the most popular models of Smart phones
• Organize and enjoy movie, photo, and music files anytime
• Import VCD, DVD, AC3, LPCM, PCM, MPEG1 Layer II, MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG1, ASF, WMV, TiVo, DVR-MS, AVI, VOB, and more file types.
• Import audio WAV, WMA, MP3, or CDs files.
• Lookup audio CD title using an internet database automatically
• Preview audio files in Vault360, then convert and transfer it to your smart phone device.
Direct-connect to most flash media (memory cards) , camcorders and digital cameras.
• Photos auto-synchronizing capability.
• Easily preview your photo at Vault360 with animated zoom feature. No clicks necessary.
Transfer selected photos to your smart phone device.
• Native-supported video formats: VCD, DVD, DVR-MS, VOB, AVI, ASF, MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG1, WMV9, WMV8, and WMV7.
• Native-supported audio formats: PCM, AC3, MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC.
• Native-supported photo formats: NEF, TIFF, BMP, and JPEG.
• Supported video resolution: ZEN Vision - 640x480, 640x360, 320x240, 320x180; PSP - 480x160, 320x240; iPod - 320x240, 320x176.

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