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PDA UK: Asus P320

Many users love compact device. When you’re looking for a compact PDA, UK markets offers you Asus P320, one of the smallest PDA UK with very affordable price. Only with £179.99 in amazon.co.uk, you will have this compact PDA with GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities.

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This tiny light-weight PDA will fit into your hand comfortable, even for you who have a small hand. P320 covered with glossy plastic finish on the front, metallic on the side, and a soft touch feel on the back. The materials combination fits well together. P320 equipped with standard buttons and shortcut keys that pretty standard for a PDA inUK. Below the display, you can find an OK key, two soft keys, directional pad and some other shortcuts to quick access to some application you use most. Something little different is a Hold switch on the right side. When you activate this button, the buttons and touchscreen will locked. It’s very convenient way to turn the device on and off, since you don’t have to use default Windows Mobile Lock feature, which can be quite inconsistent and unintuitive for some people.

In the standard sales package, Asus P320 include a wired headset that can be connected to the device via its mini-USB port. To use headphone with the standard 3.5mm audio jack you will need a third-party mini-USB-to-3.5mm audio jack (not included). The mini-USB can be used to charge and synchronizing the device with your computer.

In the UK, this PDA comes with Bluetooth, WI-Fi and GPS receiver. For GPS, Asus use a SiRF star III chip and a built-in application called GPS Catcher that uses a downloaded satellite data to lock a GPS more quickly. The device doesn’t include the navigation software, but you can use Google Maps that has a very quick respond when you use it with GPS Catcher. The device also comes with 2-megapixel camera with autofocus feature.

This PDA powered with 200MHz TI processor and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and 64MB of RAM that’s make the device isn't the fastest WM6.1 PDA in UK. But it has a good quality and clear voice reception. The device has a good battery performance with up to 4 hours of talk time. We even experienced three days of use the device with only a single charge.

Different from mostly Windows Mobile 6.1 PDA, Asus put a large digital clock on its home screen. There are also shortcuts to applications like calendar, messaging and RSS feeds. The device also comes with a remote calendar that can be synchronized with Google Calendar.

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