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PDA Programs : Pocket Quicken 2.0 For Palm OS & Windows Mobile

To keep your Quicken information complete, accurate, and up-to-date wherever you go, you need one of PDA programs: Pocket Quicken to be placed at your PDA so your financial activity will be easier. Pocket Quicken can be synchronized directly with Quicken running on your Macintosh or Windows PC desktop, or you can use this PDA program as a stand-alone program for your PDA. This PDA program is compatible with Pocket PC/Windows Mobile 5 devices and all Treo models that have a built-in touch-screen.

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In the Palm of your hand, you will find easy data entry with quick access to your budgets, account balances, credit limits, transactions, and a lot of your financial data. With Pocket Quicken installed in your PDA, it's easy to keep your Quicken information accurate, up-to-date, and complete wherever you go. Just capture your everyday transactions into your PDA, and you won’t have to type your monthly receipt ever again.

Use this PDA programs to quickly access your account details. You can easily and automatically transferred important account information from the desktop, such as individual transactions, current and ending balances, as well as contact names and numbers. Thanks to today’s synchronization technology that make this PDA program become a perfect mobile companion for the desktop Quicken product. You can always keep your accounts up to date with no double entry. All you have to do to transfer data is just tapping the HotSync button. It’s very quick and hassle free. With Pocket Quicken, your finances will be well organized. Only a single tap of the synchronization button is required for your Quicken categories and groups are transferred to the organizer.

While you're not at your desk, this PDA program makes it easy to keep your Quicken information up to date. With Pocket Quicken, you can use your Palm OS Handheld to easily capture checking, cash and credit card transactions while you are away from your desk. QuickFill and memorized transactions are two of Quicken's most popular time saving shortcuts included by Pocket Quicken. These features will enable you to record day-to-day transactions with only two strokes of the stylus. All you have to do is start writing the payee's name and a new transaction is automatically created with all the details filled out.

To protect you data, you can assign your own private PIN number to Pocket Quicken to ensure that only you have access to your financial activity. Each time you synchronize your PDA, this PDA program also maintains a backup of your transactions.

Pocket Quicken features:

• Quick access to budgets, account balances, credit limits, transactions, and many more
• Lightning fast data entry with QuickFill and memorized transactions
• Keep your Quicken info complete, accurate, and up-to-date wherever you go
• Seamless single-step data transfer; protected data with PIN access
• Available with very good connectivity via PDA's built-in synchronization technology
• Overdrawn account warnings
• Foreign currency support
• View account registers
• Flexible overview displays
• Single-tap data synchronization
Built-in calculator
• Organize with categories and classes

Product details

• Platform: PDA
• Media: CD-ROM
• Item Quantity: 1
• Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces

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