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The Most Popular Palm Pda Accessories

Here you'll find our recommendation of Palm PDA Accessories to utilize and optimize the usage of your Palm PDA.

Palm HotSync Sync and Charge Cable

Product Description
This USB cable is Palm PDA Accessories to synchronize and charge your Palm PDA / Pocket PC / Handheld at the same time with the Laptop / Desktop Computer. With these Palm PDA accessories, you don't have to bring cradle or bulky A/C adapter when you travel. This Palm PDA accessories is one of the must-have USB hotsync data cable for your Pam PDA!

Price: $0.01

Product Features
* Item Weight: 3 pounds
* Compact designed, lighweight, strong, and durable
* Charge and at the same time synchronize your Palm PDA without installing any software
* USB connection that much faster than previous serial cable connection.
* No need for AC/DC converter and cradle when traveling

Palm Stylus 3-Pack (3178WW)

Product Description
This 3-Pack PDA Palm Stylus is available with three fully assembled Zire 72 stylus packaged with 3 replacements Tungsten T5, E2, E, and TX quills.

Price: $7.52
Product Details

* Dimensions: 80.7 x 31.5 x 5.9 inches
Weight 1.4 ounces *

palm pda accessories
Palm 3169WW Universal Wireless Keyboard

Product Description
These practical and foldable Palm PDA accessories will ease input information into your handheld Palm PDA effortlessly. The wireless keyboard can easily connect to your PDA Palm wirelessly through the infrared port and easy to carry. This Palm PDA accessoies works with all PDA Palms, Pocket PC and Symbian units.

The Palm PDA 3169WWZ Wireless Keyboard is compatible with plenty of popular models of Pocket PC and PDA Palm devices. The wireless keyboard can be folded into a portable, convenient, and compact size. These Palm PDA accessories operate via a infrared sensor. The keyboard comes with the generic "QWERTY" format, with customizeable keys to allow quick data entry and navigation. With these Palm PDA accessories, it's possible to access your frequently-visited files or visit your favorite sites with only a few keystrokes.

Price: $37.24

Product Features

* Compatible with Symbian, Pocket PC and Palm PDA devices
* Operates in reliable wireless connectivity via infrared sensor
* Full QWERTY wireless keyboard comes with full-size keys in five rows
* Equipped with Windows setup software

Technical Details

* Model Number: 3169WWZ
* Device compatibility: Zire 21/31/71/72 handhelds, Tungsten T3/T5/E2/E/C handhelds, Palm TX handheld, LifeDrive mobile managers and Treo 700w/700p/650/600 Smartphones
* OS compatibility: Mac OS 9.x or OS X ver 10.3 or earlier (supported only with the Palm OS driver) and Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP,
* Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries

Car Charger for Treo & Palm Centro

Price: $0.02

These Palm PDA accessories will turn your car cigarette lighter into a mobile power source for your Treo and Palm PDA. The car charger will continuously charge your Palm battery even when you're using your Palm for phone. The integrated overcharging prevention I/C will prevent your battery to explode even you overcharge it.

Technical & Features
* Item Weight: 3 pounds
* Charging indicator
* Overcharging prevention I/C
* Short Circuit Protection
* Charges either standard or extended batteries

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