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New PDA Phones Samsung Jet S8000

Samsung recently release its new PDA Phones to be claimed as the full-touch PDA Phones in the world, Samsung Jet S8000.

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This Samsung new PDA Phones load some applications such as Pocket web browser very fast. Its 800MHz processor will give a significant faster feel when you're running plenty of applications at once and making big demands on the processor. The advantages of high speed processor will more come up when you use the operating system that can optimize it. Samsung Jet uses Symbian OS for its operating system.

Samsung Jet comes with a vibrant 3.1 inches AMOLED touchscreen that looks gorgeously vivid and bright. Unfortunately, the touchscreen seems less responsive than a capacitive touchscreen. Sometimes rather than a fingertip, we have to use a fingernail to have the new PDA phones to respond. When browsing the web, the websites looks great. You can zoom the view by holding down your finger and sliding it up and down.

When you hold the handheld in portrait mode, the fast and responsive virtual keyboard come up in alphanumeric, and it will switch to QWERTY when you hold the device in landscape mode. The big processor enables you to run several applications at one time. If you want to know what application’s currently running, just have a long press on the center key and the device will display them.

The device’s also enriched with some interactive application such as Media Gate 3D, the shortcut spinning cube that has its own launch button placed near to the camera shutter button. Another new innovative user-interface idea is a gesture-based unlocking feature. You can unlock the Jet by drawing a letter on the screen. The letter is not just to unlock the device, but it also can be set to speed-dial specific number from your contact list.

Samsung Jet also comes with a good 5-megapixels camera. The picture quality is outstanding with good color reproduction. The new PDA phone's 79mm WVGA-resolution screen display the picture and video sharply. The device supports DivX, H.263 and MPEG-4 video format. You can also download video file from the internet via a higy speed HSDPA or Wi-Fi connectivity. You can store the video files into external microSD memory card, thanks to a memory slot that supports up to 16GB memory card. The Jet also comes with a built-in FM radio. The standard 3.5mm headphone jack enables us to listen to the radio or other music formats using a standard headphone.

There's also support for heaps of music formats, and a built-in FM radio. You can listen to your tunes at their best, thanks to a standard, the inclusion of which always gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

The good:
• Bright and clear AMOLED touchscreen
• Innovative one-finger zoom function
• Widget to customize home screen
• HSDPA & Wi-Fi connectivity
• Good photo and video quality
• Standard headphone jack

The bad:
• Resistive touchscreen
• Jerky & confusing user interface
• Difficult to transfer media over USB

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