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HTC PDA Phone: HTC Touch Pro

HTC PDA Phone: HTC Touch Pro described by some carrier as the “Sophisticated Approach to Business”. Powered by the sophisticated HTC 3D TouchFlo interface, the HTC PDA Phone comes with lot of features for professional users, including Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS, Wi-Fi, EV-DO Rev. A connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0, an expansion slot, full QWERTY keyboard, and others business tools.

htc pda phone
The Touch Pro designs are very looked like its brother, HTC Touch Diamond. They have attractive silver trim, rounded edges, sleek and smoky mirrored face. HTC add a slide-out QWERTY keyboard to the Touch Pro, good news for heavy texter professional. With dimensions 4 x 2 x 0.7 inches and 5.3 ouches weight, the HTC PDA Phone is quite thick and heavy, but still fit in a pants pocket. With a silver back colors and solid construction, the Touch Pro looked elegant as a corporate centric PDA Phone.

Same as HTC Diamond, the Touch Pro uses 262.000 colors 2.8 inches touchscreen display powered by 3D TouchFlo interface. TouchFlo enables you to go through your messages and files like music, pictures and e-mail, by swiping your finger on the screen, with an animated 3D effect. The HTC PDA phone also is powered by accelerometer that enables the device to automatically align the screen orientation to portrait or landscape, according to how you physically hold the device. The accelerometer works when you’re in picture application, video and when you browse the internet. The screen orientation also automatically changes to landscape when you slide-out the QWERTY keybard.

The HTC PDA phone full QWERTY keyboard designed in matte finish and has a quite large button. This nonslip texture was designed for your typing convenience and with minimal mistakes. The other controls are placed below the screen, including a directional keypad with a center select button, a back key, Talk and End buttons, and a Home shortcut. Besides the physical keyboard, you still have the other option to type on the touchscreen with onscreen virtual keyboard, transcriber and block recognizer.

Running on the high speed EV-DO network, the HTC PDA Phone can browse and download from the internet faster, with download speed up to 400Kbps-to-700Kbps, and upload speed up to 50Kpbs to 70Kbps. With integrated Wi-Fi, you have the other option to go online. The HTC PDA Phone also comes with built-in Opera Mobile browser version 9.5, the application that enables you to browse the internet with the ability to bookmark sites, zoom and pan pages, and open numerous tabs with ease.

With built-in GPS/A-GPS, the HTC PDA Phone can use either cellular triangulation or satellites to get a fix on your position. The smart application called QuickGPS will speed up the time to search some location on the map.

Powered by a 528MHz Qualcomm MSM 7201A processor and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition, the Touch Pro includes Microsoft Office Mobile Suite, Windows Live integration and ClearVue Presentation 5 Pro. The HTC PDA Phone also utilized by plenty of PIM features include a task manager, a notepad, a calculator, a voice recorder, Jetcet Print 5 for connecting to a printer, a Zip manager, Adobe Reader LE, and a business card scanner. Your Outlook contacts, tasks, and calendar will be automatically synchronized vie Microsoft Exchange Server, thanks to Microsoft Direct Push Technology.

Finally, the HTC PDA Phone powered by a 3.2-megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and video-recording capabilities.

The good:
• Full QWERTY keyboard and a
• Gorgeous touch screen
• Windows Mobile 6.1
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth

The bad:
• Sluggish at times
• Bulky
• No standard headphone jack or dedicated camera key.

The bottom line: Despite of some performance issues, the Touch Pro is one of the most feature-packed and powerful HTC PDA Phone for business and professional users.

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