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In the US, Unlocked GSM HP PDA Phone iPAQ 910c Business Messenger started shipping in July 2008. With retail price $499 in the US, the iPAQ is less expensive than most high-end unlocked Windows Mobile Professional phones, though there's no carrier subsidy. You can but it online direct from HP or from some retailers that carry HP mobile products and phones such as Amazon.

hp pda phone
Like its predecessor iPAQ hw6900, the HP PDA Phone iPAQ 910c is a QWERTY-bar Windows Mobile Professional phone with built-in GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. The HP PDA Phone also comes with a modern design, 3 megapixel autofocus cameras, and the faster 7.2 Mbps HSDPA 3G. With 5.4 ounce weight, HP PDA Phone is pleasingly compact and significantly thinner than other QWERTY side-sliders PDA Phone such as the HTC Tilt, E-TEN M810 and MWg Zinc II.

The HP PDA Phone comes with a black and chrome gloss front and shiny black keys that amazingly don't attract fingerprints madly. We found that we typed a bit faster in this HP PDA Phone, since it affords quicker movement from key to key. A "smile" curve keyboard makes more natural thumb movement. Without using the stylus, it’s extremely easy to smart-dial, speed dial, open the Start Menu, check email and close windows with one hand and.

The HP PDA Phone LED backlit transflective display is smaller than Windows Mobile Professional standards that generally 2.8". Though, the 2.46" HP PDA Phone display isn't too small for link tapping or reading text. The photos look pleasing and more natural because the 320 x 240 landscape display is very bright, vivid and has a slightly warm color bias that makes. The landscape mode is better suited to working with spreadsheets, web browsing, and watching video

The iPAQ 910c HP PDA Phone supports all the world's bands for GSM and EDGE, since it is a quad band unlocked GSM phone 850/900/1800/1900MHz that will work with any GSM carrier's. The HP PDA Phone also has worldwide 3G UMTS and HSDPA on the 850/1900/2100MHz bands, which works well with AT&T in the US. The 7.2Mbps HSDPA has the newer, faster specification. So when it comes to data, the HP PDA Phone is a very good performer and as a result, web pages load very quickly and faster email download.

The HP PDA Phone powered by the speedier Windows Mobile 6.1 and a 416MHz XScale processor. This makes the HP PDA Phone is one of the more responsive Windows Mobile Professional phones on the market. You won’t experience lag when you scroll, access the programs folder or open the start menu. With 73.68 megs free RAM to run programs, the HP PDA Phone has plenty for several memory-hungry applications to run concurrently. 123.7 megs free are available for for storage, plus a 24 meg iPAQ Filestore. The iPAQ PDA Phone also comes with a microSD card slot that accepts standard and SDHC microSD cards.

Price: $499

• Very compact for a Windows Mobile PDA Phone.
• Great keyboard and nice looks. Solid build quality.
• Relatively reasonable price for an unlocked Windows Mobile PDA Phone with all the trimmings.
GPS works well, WiFi has good range and Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR offers fast transfer speeds and Bluetooth stereo.
• The iPAQ 910c is fast for a Windows Mobile Pro device and one-handed operation is a breeze for common tasks.
• Fast data speeds on HSDPA networks.
• Unlocked for use with any GSM carrier.

• Screen is relatively small.
• Screen is the old-fashioned recessed type, making it hard to operate scroll bars with a finger rather than stylus.
• Speakerphone and ringer could be louder.


As its name implies, the iPAQ 910c HP PDA Phone Business Messenger is a very good business phone. The looks and compact size proves that business phones can be attractive. The easier one-handed operation and expedience makes QWERTY-bar design is ever-popular in the US.

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