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The revolutionary Handheld Palm PDA: Palm Pre is always being one step ahead by making your life simpler. This handheld Palm PDA will enable you to always be on top of your appointments by pulling all of your online calendars (for example your calendars from Facebook, Google or Microsoft Outlook) into a single and easy-to-view screen. This feature is called Synergy technology that will automatically link all your contacts from different sources and put them together in one place so you will easily find what you need at the time, and you won't miss your important appointment again. This handheld Palm PDA makes everything than ever, whether you are making a phone call, listening to music, browsing the internet, sending text messages or emails.

handheld palm pda
The other advantage of this handheld Palm PDA is contact management. With the Pre, you can manage your contacts simpler by the device capabilities to gather your contacts from different places such as Facebook, Google, and Exchange. If this revolutionary phone found a duplication of your contact, it will automatically link them together so they show up just once. When you make a chat to your friend or colleague, all conversations with him will automatically be gathered into one chat-style view. So when you start a conversation via Instant Messanger, you can easily reply via email or text message.

This handheld Palm PDA features a sleek pebble-shaped design with great look. With dimensions 2.3 x 3.9 x 0.67 inches and 4.75 ounces weight, it fits easily into your pocket. The handheld has a vibrant 24-bit color, 3.1-inch touch screen with a 320x480 pixel resolution display that enable you watching videos in full widescreen format. Writing an email is easier and quicker since you just simply slide out the QWERTY keyboard. The handheld comes with 8GB of built-in memory and a standard 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

With a high speed 3G and WiFi connectivity available, the handheld can smartly connected to the Internet all the time, so you always have a quick access to your mail-box, calendars, and other information. And with a built in GPS receiver, the handheld will navigate you to look up directions or nearby points of interest even when you're not sure where you are.

This handheld Palm PDA also supports direct push email technology, that enable you to get a new email in real time, right at your handheld, without have to manually push a refresh button or wait for a scheduled synchronization. The handheld also can view the attachments, whether they are an image, video, audio, or other documents.

The Palm Pre handheld Palm PDA powered by Palm's new webOS. The webOS has a capability to keep multiple applications open at the same time and move easily between them. The on-screen card that represent each application can be flipped through them, moved around them, or threw off the screen to close the application. The other feature offered by webOS is universal search capability that will help you find anything through your contacts, applications, and then it will offer to search Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia or Twitter.

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