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i-Blue Edition 2 GPS for PDA

i-Blue Edition 2 GPS for PDA also called i-Blue 737 is the 2nd generation of the popular i-Blue PS-3200 GPS receiver that provides you with highest sensitivity and best accuracy. Powered by the new 66-channel MTK chipset, i-Blue Edition 2 is on par GPS performance with mostly SiRF Star III Bluetooth GPS receiver in term of signal strength and accuracy. i-Blue 737 Bluetooth GPS for PDA offers a great performance at -165dBm tracking and -148dBm signal acquisition with high sensitivity and 42mA-lower power consumption.

gps for pda
To use this GPS for PDA at the first time, all you have to do is power it up and place it under the windshield of your car. Anytime when your laptop or PDA that already paired with this GPS for PDA before is around, the GPS will wake up on Bluetooth connectivity and ready to navigate you. When no bluetooth signal around, the GPS will automatically switch to sleep mode and the blue led will slowly blink. This auto on-off smart power saving makes the i-Blue as one of the most efficient GPS for PDA in the market.

The GPS for PDA features:
• 66 channels Bluetooth GPS
• GPS Chipset: MTK GPS
• Sensitivity: -165dBm tracking and -148dBm signal acquisition
Bluetooth Version 1.2 Class 2 (10 meter in free space)
• Semi indoor
• Fuzzy Auto On/Off
• Smart Power Save Mechanism
• Longer battery life of up to 32 hours
• Power Charge: Mini USB with 3 hours charge time

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