Compare Smart Phones

Compare Smart Phone

Compare Smart Phones Before You Make a Purchase

In the middle of digital era these days, we watch mobile phone technology grows so rapidly. The new manufacturer constantly comes up. Every manufacturer produces a new model with improvement that make their product smarter, but also with more affordable price. So when the time comes when you buy a new cell phone or smart phone, first you have to compare smart phones offerred in market which one is mostly suite with your needs.

compare smart phones
To know what features you really need, you have to ask yourself some question, such as:
What do you need the smart phone for?
• Which features and application you mostly use?
• Which features and application is important for you?

Some of the famous smart phonesthese days are the HTC, Palm, Google G1, Blackberry and iPhone. They are all designed with great looking, but some of them have a larger size and not as easy to use then the others. A plenty of users like the thinner and smaller size of the iPhone, the others like the functionality and smart feature of Palm or Blackberry.

Sometimes, the users make a decission only based on their personal taste of smart phone look. One thing you also have to consider is the coverage of the smart phone network. For example the iPhone is exclusively comes with AT&T network. If you want to use other carrier for your iPhone, you have to buy the unlocked version without contract.

Next thing you have to consider when you compare smart phones are whether it is for business or personal use. If you’re searching for smart phone for business purpose, you have to choose the smart phone which has rich features that can help you more productive in business. The smart phones like HTC Touch Diamond or The HTC Touch Pro is well known to be excellent smart phones for business purposes, as well as the latest model of Blackberry.

When the budget is your first concern, then you can choose the best rated smart phones such as the Palm Centro, Blackberry Pearl or Blackberry Curve. But if you have no problem with price, you can consider Palm 800w since it’s highly recommended by plenty of users. For you who want to try something different, we recommend to consider the Peek. With only $20/month, the mobile messaging handheld offers texting, unlimited email, even blogging and twitter. Another excellent choice is Nokia E51 which qualify as a phone before a messaging device with QWERTY, long battery life, excellent design and great call quality

The bottom line is, when you compare smart phones, first you have to discover, what you really want from the device. Do your first concern are the look of the smart phone, its capabilities or the budget. After you find out, you can search the smart phones that suite your very needs and make a decision from the option. You have to stick to your criteria, or otherwise you can be trapped to purchase something that you don’t really need.

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