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COMPAQ PDA: iPAQ 3650 Color Pocket PC

Compaq PDA comes with combination of new hardware, Intel processor, and industrial design to provide stylish and powerful devices that suite you anywhere. The iPAQ 3650 comes with 16 MB of ROM and 32 MB RAM, with enough room available for your own programs and quite lot memory to run a strong application. The TFT screen has 4,086 colors and can be seen in different lighting situations and looked well even from various angles. The Compaq PDA combined the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system with some Pocket application to be used in a portable device. The device and applications are designed to become easy-to-learn, even by you who have no experience using digital organizer or personal computer.

The Compaq PDA also comes with audio jack, built-in speaker and microphone. To transfer data wirelessly, the device use infrared port. Five-way joystick and five buttons controls placed in the front of iPAQ 3650. Compact PDA can be connected to your PC / Laptops through serial or USB port. There are several methods you can use to data entry, including by voice, by handwriting, by inking, or by virtual keyboard. To remind your scheduled activity, there are both audible and visual alert are available as alarm.

compaq pda
One thing that makes this Compaq PDA different than other devices is sleevelike-system package. This package allows you to add functions depend on your special needs. With dimensions 5.11 x 3.28 x 0.62 inches and 6 ounces weight, iPAQ 3650 is small and sporty. Powered by Intel 206-MHz processor and Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, this Compaq PDA is enriched by lot of useful pocket application such as Pocket Word, Pocker Excel, Pocket Outlook and Internet Explorer Mobile. The device also rich with features and utilities to make you easily configure and utilize the device, such as changing backlighting, set the volume, switch between task, etc.

Technical Details
• 240 x 320 TFT LCD screen with more than 4,000 color display
• Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.3 x 0.6 inches, 6.2 ounces
• 32 MB RAM
• 16 MB ROM
• Applications include MS Pocket Excel, MS Pocket Word, MS Internet Explorer, and MS Pocket Outlook
• What is in the box: IPAQ 3650, Two Stylus, AC adapter, rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, docking cradle, ipaq Expansion Pack system, Vinyl slipcase, User Manual

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